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Arkas Line LogoARKAS Line forms part of a transportation company known as Arkas Group; the line’s activity remains transportation of containers in the Mediterranean & the Black sea.. ARKAS lines is one of the youngest and largest Turkish container fleet within the Arkas Group. The fleet commenced operation in 1996, ( You said 1993 above) it provides services with 10 of its own ships and with 58 years of experience in transportation activity.

ARKAS operation fall into two main areas, feeder transportation and liner transportation with its own containers. Feedering transportation consists of transportation cargoes to, and unloading them from, large tonnage vessels which cannot call at a Turkish Port, this takes place between exclusive Aegean and Black Sea ports and the ports of Malta, & Taranto. This service which uses Turkish flagged ships, facilities reliable container transportation movements between Turkish ports without infringing cabotage limitations.

ARKAS began operations with feeder services and began to provide services as a liner in order to meet export and import demand with a container park of over 5000 teu, including special equipment such as ‘open tops’ and ‘high cubes’, in line with the needs created by a developing and growing market. it was on this platform that ARKAS successfully made a name for itself.

H. Mifsud Shipping Ltd are proud to assist on a weekly basis EMES lines in our ports, with an incredible range of ports of call, ARKAS LINES guarantees fast delivery of ‘door to door transport, throughout its network of agencies.


TARROS INTERNATIONAL S.P.A LogoToday TARROS  S.P.A an Italian Shipping line; has potrayed a dominant role in the Mediterranean sector serving over 20 different ports. This success is owed to the growing economy in Europe and the Mediterranean Terminal Del Golfo (La Spezia) the home port terminal, located at La Spezia roads near the national Motorway, has an area of 100,000 sq., equipped with C & T gantry crane and an HMC 200 Fantuzzi Reggiane mobile crane serving our 300m quay; with a wide range of forklifts, co stackers etc, complete the terminal equipment.

TARROS S.P.A operate a ‘Container door to door’ transport activity in the Mediterranean sea, using intermodal transport techniques (Ship – Road – Rail) offering its services to both local & foreign clients. They have a complete commercial network throughout Europe and North Africa linking all main Mediterranean ports with there own lines. They are leaders in the field, both in the local traffic and feeder services for deep sea carriers.

TARROS  S.P.A are today offering a dominant role in the handling of domestic & transhipment containers in the Med, that is why services from Italy have been intensified;Tarros Nord & Tarros Sud, the ports of loading are (La Spezia as home port, Salerno & Taranto) serving direct to Malta within a limit time.

TARROS  S.P.A does not only serve the Italian market, but also focuses on other European countries such as Portugal & Poland with ports of loading from (Setubal, Koper direct to Malta), operating a weekly service with 4/5 days transit period. Today, Portugal is also a country where exports have increased drastically over the past few years.

Tarros’s fleet of ship’s are all cellular, self-sustainned Roro/LOLO container ships for a total Capacity of 4,100 teus slots on board; this reason our principal also penetrated most of North African markets such as Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria & Egypt. Libya for instance is also served by our Principal; Khoms, Benghazi & Misurata are the ports served, transit time to Tripoli 1 day direct from Malta every 10 days.

H. Mifsud Shipping Ltd have been entrusted General Agents as since 1993, our personnel are trained to deal with all types of house delivery, groupage consignment, customs clearance, as well as fowarding. Our telecommunication systems ensure prompt information concerning these transport activities.